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The Founder of Akawa, Heidi Krauss, during training with some of the facilitators.


Welcome to AKAWA, which translates to “Pathfinder – the one who finds the path”(Persian) and the“River of Love” (Japanese). 


AKAWA is more than an energy transmission, it’s a reconnection to the divine field – to your divine blueprint, the remembrance of the wholeness that you are. Compared to other systems, it’s not a channeled energy, It’s the connection to the field of consciousness, that is always present.  

It enables an accelerated Kundalini activation in you. The term “Kundalini” refers here to its sacred meaning: as another name for the divine. It represents here the overall consciousness – more than just the life-force energy in the body. The acceleration only goes as far as this intelligent field opens up for you. So it's a gradual process.
A beautiful journey along the river of infinite love. 

This is your invitation to sit in the divine stream and let the divine work through you and with you. One of our facilitators, will support you along the way, no matter how high the waves may seem or how still the river can be. 



Hi, my name is Heidi.

I come from a family strongly involved in energy work, the art of healing and different forms of religious beliefs. Consciously I started with energy work at the age of 13, when I started to learn how to heal with divine light my disease (migraine with epileptic attacks).

Somehow, I lost a bit the contact to this world, during my studies at university but this opened my life to the cosmos of teaching and provided me with a teaching experience of over 20 years. I left this field for an experience in the industrial world which led me into the path of awakening thanks to an autoimmune disease that manifested in my body. Suddenly I was reminded what my task here was through profound visions during meditations and a deep, transformative healing process. During this time, I could learn a lot from others and received more gifts from source, that I now am able to share with my wonderful participants and facilitators.

I was one of the first Germans trained by Ivan Rohe, the first to teach and to spread his teachings in Germany and I was also the first german KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) facilitator trained by Venant Wong spreading this work in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. So, being a pioneer and bringing new things and ways into our world is one of my personal traits. This is how AKAWA was born, on a divine path, exploring new ways. 

I am honored to walk this path with you.

Much love, Heidi.

Artistic photograph of facilitators in training


On a biological level, your body remembers its healthy, original state in the field (the divine blueprint). AKAWA supports you to align and develop your system on different energetic levels and allows a deeper integration process. On a physical level, these sessions can lead to spontaneous movements and the dissolution of emotional blockages (through laughing, crying, etc.). You have the feeling that energy is flowing through your body, which you can literally feel down to your fingertips. However, these are just some of the effects that can take place in a session. The release of these emotions and movements, let the energy move freely in your system again and can be reflected in everyday life. Participants report feeling happier, suddenly quit smoking or other addictions, improving their relationship with other people or changing other aspects of their life for the better. It is a gradual process that is initiated, and the field of divine energy only opens up as much as the participant is ready to.


If you are attending a session, you will lie down on a mat and close your eyes for the rest of the class. Music is played and your only task is to relax and let go. Whatever arises, may that be movement, stillness, visions, nothingness, voices – just let it happen. Everything is based on surrendering and listening with your essence. The energy knows what is best for you in each moment and each session will be different. Your facilitator will support you, by activating points on your body through focusing on the energy points, different chakras and meridians.


“How do you become the person you forgotten you ever were?  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen to the divine field. May the experiences unfold magically.” 


Join one of the group sessions to deepen your personal connection and experience the field of togetherness even more.


Join a private 1:1 session to surrender into a deep personal transformation with one of the facilitators.




“AKAWA can hardly be described in words, this energy can only be felt. It picks you up exactly where you are and takes you to where you are allowed to BE. AKAWA, integration, transformation, pure love… Fly to the next level. .”

Nadine, Germany

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