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GTC for courses and workshops


General Terms and Conditions (GTC) (as of November 2022)

1. Scope of application

The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all contracts concluded between Akawa, Accelerated Kundalini Awakening, permanently, until revoked, represented by Mindfeed Institute – Institut für Neuro-Emotionales Coaching UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (hereinafter referred to as Mindfeed Institute) and the contractual partner/customer.

2 Registration and confirmation

Registration for a course must be made in writing. This can be done via the registration form on site, by email, by letter and via all channels used by representatives of Mindfeed Institute or Akawa for customer communication (Instagram, Messenger, etc.). Registration is binding. A registration for distance selling transactions (internet, email) is completed as soon as there has been a written confirmation by Mindfeed Institute and its employees. This is done via a message by e-mail, Messenger or Instagram.

3. Duration of the contract

The duration of the contract is determined by the chosen offer of the contractual partner/customer. In the case of contracts with a time limit, the contract is valid until the end of the offer. Termination is excluded here. Continuing courses can be terminated at any time by either party. 

4. Participation

Participation in a course is only possible with prior registration. The fees are due immediately upon registration. A place on the course is not secured until the fee for the course has been received. The fee is to be paid into one of the mentioned accounts.

5. Method of payment

The fees for an offer from Akawa and the Mindfeed Institute are to be paid by bank transfer in due time. The account details will be communicated to the contracting party with the registration. Another payment option we offer is Paypal. Here too, the customer should ensure that the fees are paid before the actual course. 

6. Terms of payment

The fees to be paid result from the offer of the Mindfeed Institute, or Akawa directly. In the case of registrations for time-limited courses and workshops, one-off payments are due, which are to be made with the registration and in advance to one of the named accounts, or via Paypal.

7. Cancellation

Cancellation of a time-limited course offer is not possible.

8. Withdrawal

After registration for a course, workshop or similar, a right of withdrawal of 2 weeks applies. The withdrawal/cancellation must be submitted in writing to Mindfeed Institute. If a person withdraws within the two-week period, the fee already paid will be refunded. Administration fees of 10% of the actual course fees will apply. 2 weeks after registration, withdrawal is no longer possible, so fees will not be refunded.

9. Cancellation and termination by Mindfeed Institute

In the event of non-payment of fees within the payment period for offers where a one-off payment is made, Mindfeed Institute and its representatives have the right to exclude the person in question from the programme.

Furthermore, Mindfeed Institute and its representatives may exclude participants if they behave in breach of the contract or cause sustained disruption.

If a minimum number of participants is not reached, Mindfeed Institute reserves the right to withdraw from the offer. If Mindfeed Institute withdraws from the offer, customers will be refunded the money they have already paid. Additional costs incurred by the customer in advance (hotel, travel, etc.) will not be covered by the Mindfeed Institute.

11. Substitute arrangements, cancellation of classes and course cancellation

The Mindfeed Institute reserves the right to appoint a qualified substitute in the event of illness, holiday or similar circumstances of a course instructor, who will cover the course until the original course instructor returns. If a course unit cannot be held due to force majeure or illness of the course instructor and a substitute is unthinkable for organisational reasons, the contractual partner/client is not entitled to a refund of the course fees. If a course unit is cancelled, the contractual partner/customer has the option of attending another course unit at the Mindfeed Institute.

12. Missed lessons

Missed lessons can be made up within the paid period, but not after. 5 and 10 unit cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue. Unused units cannot be refunded. The card is transferable during the period of validity.

14. Liability

The contract partner assures that he/she is physically and mentally able to participate in the offer. In the event of physical and mental limitations, the contracting party is obliged to obtain information about the offer from the Mindfeed Institute in advance and, on the basis of this information, to ask the doctor whether the offer can be exercised without risk. Mindfeed Institute is not liable for any valuables brought along by the contractual partner/customer.

15. Data protection

The data collected by the Mindfeed Institute from participants in courses and workshops is stored electronically and is used exclusively for communication with the customer and for sending information relevant to the course. Separate agreements exist regarding the use of photo and video material from courses and workshops. This will be communicated to the participants in advance. All this is subject to German data protection regulations. 

16. Ineffectiveness

Should individual regulations be or become invalid in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining regulations shall remain unaffected. The invalid regulations shall be replaced by a legally valid regulations that comes as close as possible to the purpose of the intended regulatio.

17. Place of jurisdiction 

The place of jurisdiction is the local court of Konstanz.

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